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    On Hell-beasts


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    On Hell-beasts

    Post by Dezzi on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:30 pm

    There are currently two varieties of 'hell animal' allowed, being the 'hell cat' and 'hell hound'.
    Each of these creatures must go through admin/moderator approval before the character may be posted and played.

    Hell HOUND:
    Wolf variants: Larger, stronger than smaller variants.
    Fox Variant: Smaller and faster than wolf variants.
    Generic Hound/Dog variants: Generally depends on the dog's breed, or whatever else would be determined by the canine species. [Breedability, genetics handed down, traits handed down all depend on percentage of hellion.]

    Hell CAT
    Unlike the canines, ALL hell-FELINES are determined by their 'basic breed' ranging from Cave lions to house cats.

    Heights and weights of the hell beasts are different from those of the general populations.
    Also, percentage is a big to do. A HALF hell creature is more likely to be approved for a taller height than max height if it's other half reached that maxed out size.

    Hell hounds: May stand between 5" in height to 4'0"; Weight may vary from 0.5 LBs to 200 LBs, according to appropriate sizing.

    Hell CATS can stand from 5" in height to 4'0" in height.; Weight may vary from 0.5 LBs to 600 LBs.

    Traits, as of right now, NOT ALLOWED:
    *Compound Eyes
    *Claws on canines.
    *Ram horns.[As this would be an extremely unfair advantage.]
    *Glowing[Reflecting light in the dark isn't glowing.]
    *Fangs.[Saber teeth, and snaggled teeth are not fangs.]

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